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Three Ways a Spiral Apple Peeler Makes Eating Healthy Fun

Moms and dads have a hard time encouraging the kids to eat healthy foods. Do you think a spiral apple peeler would make a difference in how happy the family would be with something besides chocolate and crunchy chips? In families across the country, the answer is “Yes!” because the tool is safe and […]

Get Perfect Apple Slices with Your Spiral Slicer

Baking a delicious apple pie for dessert doesn’t have to be a chore. Are you postponing peeling and slicing the scrumptious apples you bought at the store yesterday? Turn that tedious job into a breeze with a spiral slicer for fruits, such as the one designed by Loopy Apple. This handy gadget is perfect […]

Apple-licious Nachos

Loopy Apple – Apple Peeler – Corer – Slicer in Four Colors

Moms, do you know that your child’s palate is formed by age three? It’s never too early to encourage kids to make healthy choices! Peeling apples is easier with your new loopy apple peeler, so making healthy apple snacks for your kids is […]