apple recipe

Apple Crisp Twist

Dessert is a taboo word for most people. As more people struggle with their weight or try to find a way to cut down on the junk food they eat, dessert seems important to avoid. But there are times after a meal where the sweet tooth takes control and you want to satisfy it. […]

Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

This homemade Dutch apple pie is topped off with a sweetly spiced crumble topping that is oh so good. Using your loopy apple peeler you can get it done in a hurry without all the muss and fuss that normally accompanies baking pies from scratch.

Your holidays and every day will see you peeling apples […]

An Apple a Day Can Help Kids Learn Better

Getting a child to eat healthy food can be a monumental challenge for any parent. However, studies show that all of the haggling, arguing, and hassle is actually worth the effort as a healthy diet leads to enhanced academic performance in school. In fact, malnourished children often struggle in school because they are more […]