Getting kids to eat their veggies can be a challenge but it isn’t always just the kids who don’t eat enough vegetables. Sometimes, men can be picky about which vegetables they will eat and which they won’t. Finding something both the kids and men in the family like is sometimes difficult. It can be done though.

Do most of the people in your family like salsa? If so, you have a good start. Salsa already has a few different veggies included in it. It isn’t hard to add one or two more to make it even more “veggie stuffed”. Try adding some finely chopped carrot and maybe a little finely chopped kale or spinach. Just a little though. Too much and it may not go over so well. A little will blend in, add more vitamins and not alter the flavor too much.

If your family likes chips and dip, offer an alternative they might just take a liking to. Slice carrots diagonally so they are like chips and serve them with a zesty version of hummus. Some kids who would not otherwise touch carrots think carrot chips are fun so they end up eating more veggies. Cut up bell peppers and cucumbers in much the same way and those might just disappear too.

Young children love it when food is made in different shapes. Make some veggie animals and funny faces as healthy snacks and watch them disappear. Picky kids sometimes forget to be picky when veggies have fun shapes.

Mix some finely chopped red and green peppers and carrots with cream cheese and spread on buttery tasting crackers. Your family may only notice the bright colors and love this tasty snack. Used softened cream cheese and it makes a good dip for tortilla chips.

No matter how resistant your kids might be to eating veggies, with a little imagination, they will be eating more of them and loving it.