It is a source of great pride to us that some of our customers have taken the time to put pen to paper–or fingers to keyboard as it were and to offer us their testimonial about our products. We’re proud of the loopy apple peeler and how well it works to help families have healthier snacks and healthier lifestyles. Here are some of the product reviews from our customers on Amazon.


Kids love this! Fairly easy to clean
Kids love this!
Fairly easy to clean.
Very versatile.
Cores, Peels and spirals the fruit in 1 cranking motion that a 6 year old can do.
Easily suctions to the counter without damage and holds the device in place as you peel.
Option to peel the fruit or not.
This product should last a very long time as well. Very well made.
NO SHARP edges. Awesome!
Our family loves this product.
The Perfect Machine for the Job
I love this product. I bought this one as a gift but I’ve had mine for decades. It works perfectly and making readying apples for cooking super easy and super fast. I have searched for other apple peeler, corer and slicer devices and haven’t found any. That’s because there is no better device. The design simply can’t be improved upon because it works perfectly just as it is.
Excellent and silly product
I bought this because I dehydrate apples and its a pain peeling and coring an apple. I did have a corer however this device does both.

The suction cup at the bottom keeps it steady whilst I spin the crank and voila – the apple is peeled and cored. All I do then is cut the apple in half and put in in the dehydrator.

Excellent and silly product. More importantly, if you have children they will find it fun.

… and it continues to impress – makes eating apples fun!
Have had this for about a month and it continues to impress – makes eating apples fun!
C. Baker
Love the Loopy Apple peeler company, there service is absolutely top notch, other companies should follow their guidelines.Thanx
I loved the fact that the loopy apple peeler came in different colors. Since I have colbolt blue in my condo I was thrilled to see just the color I was wanting. It is just perfect, I am very color coordinated! Thank you again, for the superior service I received from your Company. The Best ever. Will definitely recommend you to friends etc.
Wendy Branz
If you are on the fence, jump off and get it.
If you do not have one… Get one! I have never been able to process apples so quickly for apple sauce or get them ready for the dehydrator. I have used it also to peal potatoes. Even my 4 year-old can use it.
Suburban Homesteader
Most FUN kitchen tool you can own! Love our Loopy!
I love my Loopy, it makes apple trimming so easy and moreover FUN! My 6 year old loves to use it too (supervised) and we find it so helpful to get apples ready to dehydrate. Thank you for the recipe book as well and GREAT CUSTOMER service, Tina!
A. Hernandez
This is a great little machine
This is a great little machine! With 4 kids that don’t eat the peel, I figured it was finally time for one of these. I am delighted with this purchase! My 8 yr old can peel/core/slice an apple now in less than 10 seconds. Voila! So easy….clean up is easy as well…most of the time just requires a good rinsing . At the very most, I have to remove one wing nut that attaches the peeler blade to rinse when peel gets stuck in there. I will be purchasing these for Christmas gifts next year.
Unit seems to be well made and works nicely. I have an older unit that is a …
Bought this as a gift for my daughter in law and my 6 year old granddaughter. Unit seems to be well made and works nicely. I have an older unit that is a clamp on and I really like the suction cup on this one. It works really well. I was a little surprised how much interest my granddaughter took in the peeler. She absolutely loves it and uses it everyday. A nice way to encourage her to eat healthy!
L. Voss
My Loopy apple peeler works very good. I especially like the fact the it slices …
My Loopy apple peeler works very good. I especially like the fact the it slices apples thicker than other peelers I have used. I am using it to peel, core and slice apples for a dehydrater that I have.
Howard Yanish