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Old Fashioned Caramel Apple Squares

With the availability of many apple varieties all year long at your local grocery store, you don’t have to wait around until fall to have delicious apple deserts any time you want.
Two things that seem to naturally go together are caramel and apples and these tasty caramel apple squares take it to the next […]

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Cameo Apples in the Spotlight

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it’s also a healthy reminder of favorite flavors and aromas, such as homemade cider, fresh apple pie and autumn adventures to go picking in the orchard.

Now there’s a new apple in the grocery store that’s likely to please the pickiest of palates: Cameo® apples […]

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What Are The Best Apples For Pie?

There are a nearly endless variety of different apples available at your local grocer or farmer’s market today, which often makes it hard to choose which are best for making pies. In the past, the choices were much more limited and the usually choice for pies was Granny Smith, but there are many different […]

Apple Skin Products

Apple Skin Products.
The Apple is a great fruit widely used for cakes, pies and many health care products too. Everyone is familiar with the context ‘ An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ which is very true. Due to its useful components it has a new found respect. The properties of the apple […]

Apples and Apple Trees

First introduced in Japan, the Fuji apple has been around since 1962. The Fuji apple has yellow-green skin with red streaks down the side. The inside is delicious and sweet. It is white, firm, crunchy, and very flavorful. It becomes ripe in the middle of September, but tastes the best if it is left […]

Healthy and Delicious Grilled Fruit

Grilling meat and vegetables is a common thing, but grilling fruits is hardly as common, even though they are great to eat. Grilled fruit makes for a great dessert, and is a delicious side dish or even appetizer. Moreover, no matter how exotic it sounds, it is pretty easy to prepare. But like all […]

Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

This homemade Dutch apple pie is topped off with a sweetly spiced crumble topping that is oh so good. Using your loopy apple peeler you can get it done in a hurry without all the muss and fuss that normally accompanies baking pies from scratch.

Your holidays and every day will see you peeling apples […]

Apple-licious Nachos

Loopy Apple – Apple Peeler – Corer – Slicer in Four Colors

Moms, do you know that your child’s palate is formed by age three? It’s never too early to encourage kids to make healthy choices! Peeling apples is easier with your new loopy apple peeler, so making healthy apple snacks for your kids is […]

Healthier Apple Crisp Dessert

This is a classic twist on apple pie or apple cobbler. Apple crisp was made at a time when flour was in short supply and apples grew on every tree. I’ve made this apple crisp recipe many times and there are very few leftovers. Every cook has a favorite Apple crisp recipe–you’ll find as […]

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An Apple a Day Can Help Kids Learn Better

Getting a child to eat healthy food can be a monumental challenge for any parent. However, studies show that all of the haggling, arguing, and hassle is actually worth the effort as a healthy diet leads to enhanced academic performance in school. In fact, malnourished children often struggle in school because they are more […]